Enemy Talk: Auburn Q & A

auburnThe USC Gamecocks are set to clash with the Auburn Tigers in their house on Saturday.  Will no doubt be a great SEC battle.

To help get you thinking about the War Eagles in the Plains, here is a “Q&A” with Bourbon & Coke.  They know a thing or two about Auburn so here you go…

1.  Better running back thus far in 2010 – Dyer or Lattimore?

It seems that Dyer and Lattimore, arguably the top two RB recruits in the nation coming into this season, will be compared/contrasted for the length of their collegiate careers. Having seen both, I think its safe to say that Lattimore gets the edge thus far. Simply put, he has been a bigger part of the offense with USC than Dyer has been with Auburn. Dyer’s running style, in the mold of Maurice Jones-Drew, limits his contribution. Whereas Lattimore can run between the tackles or break it outside, Dyer needs to be put in the right situations to be effective.
2.   If you were able to take one player off the USC Gamecocks roster and use them on your team…who would it be and why?

Lattimore would be the obvious choice, but if I was to dig a little deeper I would go with Alshon Jeffery. He had a stellar freshman year and has seemed to pick up where he left off last season. He has great hands, can go up and get it, and most importantly, you can’t teach 6’4″. Kid is a freakish athlete, a game changer.

 3. Gene Chizik was ushered in on a bumpy road and some questioned the hire.  How satisfied are you with Gene Chizik?

First off, it could have been worse. AU could have ended up with Tuner Gill — I was very happy that the powers that be did not permit the media to choose the Tigers’ current coach. That being said, Chizik’s tenure, like most coaches, has been up and down. Auburn got out of the gate quickly last year, winning their first five games, but seemed to lose momentum down the stretch. However, can’t argue with the results this season. 3-0 headed into the USC game, all signs point to a successful campaign.  

4.  Describe a successful season for Auburn in 2010.

A ten win season seems to the benchmark for most programs, and that would suit Tiger fans just fine this season. There are no easy wins in the SEC and this year is no different. There is cause for enthusiasm though, as each of Aubie’s toughest games are on the Plains (South Carolina, Arkansas, LSU and Georgia). AU only has two roadies left before going to Alabama: at Kentucky and Ole Miss. With the schedule laid out so advantageously, there is reason to get excited about the coming weeks. I think most fans would like to see the Bama game become a de facto playoff for the SEC championship game.

5. Clear the air…why two mascots?  Us outsiders sometimes get confused.  Break it down for us.
Technically you could go three deep: War Eagles, Tigers and the Plainsmen. Here is the official explanation from the University: War Eagle! is the school’s “battlecry.” Tigers, the official nickname. The Plainsmen is a relic from the 19th century and is rarely referred to anymore.


Thoughts?  Do check out Bourbon and Coke as it is more than just a drink….


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