Gamecocks Football Coaches Get Deserved Raise

The South Carolina Gamecocks Football coaching staff got some good news yesterday as their checks should look a little nicer. Guess that is the cost of winning and keeping up with the market.

In our view, these raises are justified and deserved. It also keeps the staff together which helps to sustain a program.

Here is a recap of the money spent and to whom…

(Assistant – 2013 salary, 2014 salary)
Deke Adams – $225,000; 250,000
Kirk Botkin – $225,000; 250,000
Grady Brown – $180,000; 200,000
Shawn Elliott – $325,000: 350,000
G.A. Mangus – $175,000; 175,000
Joe Robinson – $325,000; 350,000
Everette Sands – $215,000; $230,00
Steve Spurrier Jr. – $325,000; 350,000
Lorenzo Ward – $650,000 for three years

This has been approved by the USC board of trustees.

The assistants were provided with a two-year contract keeping them with the Gamecocks through 2014. Coach Ward has a three year deal that is set to expire at the end of 2015. Coach Spurrier had his contract extended two years through 2017 back in December.

So again, price of winning and good to see.


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