Maddox’s Move to Fullback Overdue

The USC Gamecocks depth chart was released yesterday and one move that stood out to us here at LOHD is the Maddox to fullback shift.  Yes, Shaq Wilson not listed again as a starter at LB for the second week hurts but he has a serious hamstring pull to overcome.

Moving senior Brian Maddox to fullback is something that we feel is long overdue. 

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He has the size at 5 foot 11 and pushes 230 lbs.  He knows how to play the position, protect the QB and he is one of the better blockers out of the backfield.  With the issues at TE due to the Saunders suspension, put Pat DiMarco there and use Maddox as the FB….makes sense to us.

Having Maddox there would add a serious wrinkle to the ground game as he is a good short yardage back and would keep defenders remain honest in how they approach the running game.

Love the thought of Lattimore or Miles as the main running back with Maddox as the fullback.  Especially in a I formation.

Another plus is he is also a good reciever out of the backfield.

Don’t get me wrong as we love DiMarco.  Just want him at TE.

So many reasons why this makes good sense and hoping to see it in the UGa game.

The move puts leaders and experience in position to contribute.  DiMarco and Maddox have big hearts and are team players that will do the little things that matter.  It also puts some more options on the field for Spurrier’s offense to play off of.

What are your thoughts on this potential move?  Overdue?  Dumb move?

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