Picture of Quarterback Slide for Stephen Garcia To Use

The Gamecocks starting qb Stephen Garcia has a issue with not correctly performing a “qb slide” as shown below.  He would rather put his head down, close his eyes and try to run a linebacker over.  We figured we would help him by providing him with a photo of another quarterback practicing how to slide.

A qb slide is not real hard, just make sure it is feet first.  As shown below it is not hard and you will live to see another day.  Garcia keep trying to perfect this and Spurrier will love you (for a day at best).  So go get a tarp, get in your front yard and give me 20 of these slides per day now until ‘Bama.

(Picture of Cody Pickett, qb of the Calagary Stampedes conducting a qb slide courtesy of wikimedia)

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