Quick Postgame Impressions: AU v USC

Well, that one hurt as the Gamecocks had a shot at victory but on their last four possessions that provide four turnovers.  Auburn gets the win by the score of 35-27.

There are lots of things to talk about from the last play (why throw in triple coverage) to a missed extra point early.  It certainly was not the best game that USC has ever played but they were in position to win but failed to execute.  As I noted in my first half impressions, I really thought USC was going to win it.  Just did not think USC would yield 4 TOs late but who did really.

Credit to Auburn for slowing the USC run game and playing stingy defense late.  Also they kept the USC offense off the field for the majority of the second half and that is always a good formula for success.  They made the right adjustments at half. 

As a fan, I am frustrated that USC could not stop Cam Newton.  Going into the game, you knew what they were going to do.  Why not load the box and force him to beat Gilmore/Culliver?

I am proud of the Gamecocks effort for the first 3 1/2 quarters but then it seemed the steam was let out of the Gamecocks.  I know, they got tired.  But somehow you have to dig deep and man up.  In saying that, I know when the QB fumbles back to back it breaks your defensive heart.

Time to regroup.  No the season is not over and no the goals have not changed.  LOHD has stated to win the SEC East they have to finish 1-1 in the Auburn and Arkansas games.  So that is still on the table but must learn from these mistakes and move on.  Plently of football to play and this team is still very good. 

Will be good to have a bye week so the team can rest up and get ready to play better football as the SEC championship hunt just got tougher.

Check back with us later for more on this game and the ongoings with Gamecock football.

So many things can be said about this game….

3 Postgame Questions

  1. Was putting Shaw in late the right call?
  2. Will Garcia ever learn to slide?
  3. How does this change the season’s outlook in your opinion?

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