SOS loves mind games

Chris Low of wrote a blog about Spurrier and how he has handled the constant criticism of QB Stephen Garcia in the Spring.  I am one that believes this is only to help motivate Garcia during the summer to stay on top of his game and prove Spurrier right about how good Garcia can be.  

In the past, we have seen Coach Spurrier build up a QB all spring and summer only to have Tommy Beecher fail miserably in his first start against NC State 2 years ago, and end up transferring to Liberty for his senior season. Granted Beecher never had the talent that Garcia does, but at the time you would have thought Beecher was the answer to Gamecock nations’ prayers for a quality QB to run Spurrier’s offense.

Most fans have there own opinion on Spurriers’ coaching style, but believe in the end he can get it done at Carolina (count LOHD in this crowd).  Most believe this is his year, or at least the best chance for USC to finally break the mold of the SEC East.  I don’t know what tricks Spurrier has up his sleeve but mind games with QB’s has always been his bread and butter.  

Dating back to his Florida days when Coach had no problem benching Grossman or Danny Wuerffel.  Granted, he has not had the talent at Carolina as he did at Florida but that has not stopped the Ole’ Ball Coach from trying just about every trick in the book to motivate his QB.  Now that he has a promising freshman back up in Connor Shaw to use as motivation for Garcia, look for Coach Spurrier to continue to try different tricks to get Garcia to play up to his potential.

Using last year as a guide for what Garcia can do, most gamecock fans have high hopes for the 2010 season.  Garcia lead the SEC in total offense with an average of 270.6 yards per game and was second to Arkansas’s Ryan Mallett in passing per game.  I think Coach is fine with Garcia not making any of the person All-SEC teams as long as he comes out to play.  Let Mallett and Brantley take all the pre-season hype while at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is what is done during actually games.

We all read the hype last year of Ole Miss’s starting QB Javon Sneed, and I personally believe that went to his head/ego. Sneed was even listed as the #1 NFL prospect going into last season.  Sneed had a terrible junior year at Ole Miss, and decided to leave for greener pastures after the season.  Lets just hope that Spurriers’ philosophy works out this season for Garcia, or we might get to see what Connor Shaw can do pretty early in the season.  I think Garcia will surprise….