The “Relish and Chili Awards” for Gamecocks Week 3 Win

The Gamecocks got the win against Furman, 38-19.  Any style points?  I know, just be happy with the win and the fact that USC is 3-0 for the first time since 2007.  But the lackluster win leaves the fanbase nervous going into Auburn.  The game did have some right spots to note.

Last week, we awarded the “Top Dogs” but our pals over at The Garnet & Black Attack urged us to find a new name.  Seeing how top performers is too lame, game balls is overused, top dogs is not favored, Top Cocks sounds like a porn site……  So after much thought, PBRs before and after the game, talking about way too much in dealing with hot dogs….drum roll…..LOHD has decided to call our top performances “The Relish and Chili Awards.”

I know it is a odd name but I hope you understand that the relish and the chili is what makes a hot dog good.  Got it?  Okay moving on to who wins the awards for Week 3……

On Offense

Alshon Jeffery
He is the go-to guy for USC.  He had 5 catches for 97 yards.  He was a mere 3 yards short of his third straight 100-yard game.  I know, no TD which needs to be corrected soon.  Alshon also had a quote that sums it up…”We played to their level,” South Carolina receiver Alshon Jeffery said of Furman in the postgame interview. “We have to play to our level.”

On Defense

Stephon Gilmore
His 80 yard pick 6 sealed the game.  Enough said.  He also had five tackles and one pass breakup.

So do you agree?

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