10 Questions for Week 3 of CFB

Well “Monster Weekend” has come and gone, here are some questions to prepare you for the upcoming college football weekend:

1.) Bigger bust so far this season, Big East or ACC?  Better odds right now, you winning the lottery, or the ACC winning a National Championship this season?

2.) After 2 weeks of football, is Michigan’s QB Denard Robinson the best player in the country or is it to early to tell?

3.) Compare Marcus Lattimore’s performance in the game against Georgia to a previous running back in college football history?

4.)What effect will VT’s lose to James Madison this past weekend have on Boise States chances of making the BCS Championship game?

5.) In week 3 there are 2 match ups between ACC & SEC schools, Clemson vs. Auburn and Bama vs. Duke, which is a better game? (Duke is averaging 44 points a game this season)

6.)Week 1 follow up questions: Can the SEC win a 5th national championship title in a row?  Is Bama still the favorite to win it all again?

7.) The Gamecocks are currently ranked 13th in the AP poll, how do you feel about this, to high, just right, or to low?

8.) Gameday this week is at Clemson/Auburn game:  Which pair of Tigers will have more rushing yards, Ellington/Harper for Clemson or Newton/Fannin/Dyer for Auburn?

9.) Reggie Bush forfeited the Heisman yesterday, do you think they should now give the 2005 Heisman Throphy to Vince Young?

10.) There is now a Marcus Lattimore for Heisman facebook page, too soon, or right on par?

Bonus Question:  How many points does Carolina need to score against Furman for you to feel good about the game?