Truth bubbling out now about Morgan

Over at FITSnews (a political SC blog) there has been some interesting revelations – HERE -about what really occurred with the recent Mike Morgan departure.

I think most USC fans knew that this was a little deeper than a simple resignation. That is bogus and we are not dumb. A guy does not win a sportscaster award 3 yrs in a row and quits.

Seems the complex issue lies at the feet of Liz McMillan of Gamecock Sports Properties, the group that is the official liaison between ISP and USC. McMillan’s alleged justification for firing Morgan was that the announcer was involved in “major dispute” with a key USC advertiser (Time Warner Cable) over a personal invoice, and that the advertiser was threatening to pull its business over this spat. This is rumored to have been some pay back for the BurnLounge pyramid scheme that caused a black-eye for the athletic department and that McMillan was also involved in. This has internal investigation written all over it…..

What’s clear to USC fans is that Morgan’s dismissal was BS! Hyman and McMillan — forget ISP or Time Warner Cable or whomever they try to tell us made the call — need to fess up and tell gamecock fans the truth here. And yes we can handle the truth…..we need accountability and USC fans, and Morgan himself, deserve much, much better than this. Morgan was great at what he did and will be missed.

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