Gamecocks Recruiting Snippets / 01.26.11

Gamecocks football recruiting is going strong after a big weekend that had lots of guys in and now the final touches are being done to close on a few guys and solidfy the others.  Many schools are working extremely hard to put the wraps on the Class of 2011 as recruiting is not over until the papers are signed and the ink is dry.  This late in the game you must not let up for one second.  Just look at the recruitment of Finne or Henry on how things can change and keep a eye on Mason Harris as the ‘Canes are making a run for him.

The Gamecocks are sitting, as of today, with 30 recruits and keep in mind four are already enrolled.  There are still names on the board to watch – Clowney, Dukes, Adams, Byers and Cooper.  Let’s recap and update some of the current activity…

Mr. Clowney Update
As the Fans Said – “We Want Clowney
Facebook Page Urges Jadeveon Clowney for South Carolina

TE Jerrell Adams
Spurrier is scheduled to visit with the Adams family in his home on Wednesday evening.  Adams plans to announce his choice on Signing Day.  By most accounts, including this Gamecocks blog, he is likely to sign with USC.

LB Cedrick Cooper
Coop could go any direction.  He was a USC guy, now a Arkansas guy and is scheduled to visit Ole Miss on 1/28 so he could be a Rebel.  Confused?

DE Roderick Byers
Suppose to announce Wednesday at 4pm.  Likely Ducks over Gamecocks.  Read more Here.

DB Jared Henry OutGamecocks Recruiting: Jared Henry Backs Off, Goes With UCF

DL Leon Mackey Is Not A USC guy – Gamecocks Recruiting: Leon Mackey No Longer Pursued

DB Ahmad Christian CommitsGamecocks Recruiting: Ahmad Christian Commits

QB Jacoby Brissett Not Loving SC – Gamecocks Recruiting: QB Jacoby Brissett No Longer in Gamecock Mix

DB/S Sheldon RoysterGamecocks Recruiting: Sheldon Royster Commits to USC

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