Jadeveon Clowney Will Be a Gamecock And Here Is Why

The nation’s top high school football player is poised to make a college choice that could change the dynamics of the college football landscape and increase the chances of success for the team he chooses. 

Let’s lay out five reasons why Jadeveon Clowney chooses South Carolina over Clemson for his football dominating services for the next three years:

  1. Fan of USC for a long time

Clowney has been a fan of USC for many years.  He has worn the garnet and black to school so many different times over the years.  He has attended many games at Williams Brice just to watch “his team.”  He wants to follow his heart and wear the garnet and black.

  1. USC As a Football Power is Growing

Spurrier has the program poised for the continuance of good things and still some first to be accomplished, like a ten win season and a SEC Championship.  This “sell” still matters and many want to be part of the first group to accomplish these goals.   The Gamecocks are entering the 2011 season as the favorites to be the SEC East Champs so it is not like Clowney will not be a winner.  By him signing with USC, he adds another reason why USC is set to repeat in the East.

  1. Byers Going to Clemson was writing on the wall

Roderick Byers and Clowney are competitors.  Byers was a USC lean until he knew Clowney was going to go with USC and “take his spot.”  Let’s be honest, if not for Jadeveon then Byers would have been the “hyped” defensive end out of Rock Hill.  These two will not be on the same team.  Not enough room for the egos.  Byers signed with Clemson and with it gone is the real chance that the Tigers land Clowney.

  1. Rock Hill Connection

Over the Spurrier tenure, there has been a pipeline built to South Pointe High School as it has delivered their programs premiere players to the USC program.  Just look at current Gamecocks DeVonte Holloman and Stephon Gilmore.  Not to mention current recruit Gerald Dixon or Gerald Dixon.  It is important to note this factor in the recruitment of Clowney due to the fact that he is very good friends with the Dixon boys and Gilmore.  Peer Pressure and the chance to play with friends will carry weight in the decision.

  1. Momma Knows Best

Jadeveon loves his momma and trusts her over all others.  Momma came with Jadeveon to Columbia on his official visit last month.  At the basketball game, Momma Clowney sat with Lattimore’s mom and Gilmore’s mom.  Don’t try to tell me that does not factor into his choice.


On Valentine’s Day, which is also his birthday, Clowney chooses his college but by reading the above factors you can go ahead and plan to see Clowney wearing the Gamecocks jersey in 2011.

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