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A non-offical, yet garnet bleeding Gamecocks Blog that has been around since 2005.  This site is devoted to writing “garnet and black” tainted opinions about their beloved USC Gamecocks.   LOHD works to bring you all the Gamecocks sports info you need concerning THE University of South Carolina while mixing in the occasional tailgating story along the way or other mindless pieces of information.   Besides USC, the LOHD staff will also cover SEC stories of interest, other sports in SC and provide insight on something you may deem dumb but hey it’s a blog right.

LOHD Staff

*Moose – is the LOHD Founder.  He gives all kinds of insights on various Gamecock topics, SEC happenings and South Carolina sports in general.

*Flounder – is the Editor of this site.  He does a bit of everything around here from “dotting the i’s” and site corrections to writing and twittering.

*General Malaise – is the Senior Writer and he may not write a whole lot on the site but when you see his work you better pay attention. He is the baseball expert out of the crew.

Leftover Hot Dog began on the ‘blogger’ platform before Google bought it and in 2009 switched over to the Bloguin network after being asked to join.  It has been quite the journey for 3 guys that all finished from USC and there is even a lawyer in the group just in case we take over the blogging world.  Between the three of them, there is five USC degrees, so again as you can see, this is a Gamecocks blog for the fans and by the fans….heck we don’t even charge for it like others.

LOHD has their weekly “Gamecocks Podcast,” which has been a nice add to the site as it allows them to talk about the team these three love and get some guests on the podcast.  It is the first podcast to cover the Gamecocks on the internet so remember that just in case someone steals our idea.

We always welcome thoughts from you the reader.  Please comment on stories, call in for the Podcast  and tell us how the Gamecocks are great.

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Any questions, tips, comments, rants or advertising questions email us at leftoverhotdog@gmail.com

Thanks for reading, tell you friends and remember two things – Go Cocks and Fear the Chicken!



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About flounder

Two-time grad of THE University of South Carolina.