3 Easy Ways Pitchers Can Improve their Pitch Velocity

You can have impeccable technique and be able to throw every pitch in the book with accuracy, but without a good fastball, you’ll be limited in your options. There isn’t a single pitcher out there that doesn’twant to throw faster. However, increasing your velocity is often easier said than done. When in some cases, natural ability plays a huge role, in others, it is all to do with training. Here are some tips pitchers can use to increase the velocity on their fastball.

Focus on your Legs

When asking for tips to increase the speed on your fastball, the first thing many will say is to focus on your arms. Well, that’s only one part of the equation. Various parts of the body are involved in the pitching process, including the legs. If you look at guys like Justin Verlander, Roger Clemens, or C.C Sabathia, you’ll notice that they all have exceptionally strong thighs and glutes. Just try to pitch with power sitting on a chair and you’ll notice how important the lower body is.

One particular study found out that pitchers with strong quad muscle were landing with a much stiffer stride leg, which resulted in a faster fastball. So, try to perform exercises that work on your glutes, hips, hamstrings, andquads if you want better results. You should also consider buying a radar gun, so you can monitor your results as well. If you’re looking for the best radar guns on the market, you can check out a site like The Planet Of Baseball for reviews on various models.

Work on your Upper Back as well

Another part of the body that plays a major role when it comes to pitchingvelocity is the upper back. The upper back is made up of many muscles, and overhead athletes put a lot of stress on these muscles, including their shoulder girdle.

Muscles like the levator scapulae, the trapezius, the rhomboids and the serratus anterior all play an important role in your shoulder joints’ safety and should be well conditioned so they can function optimally and operate quickly to maximize power.

Some of the exercises you can do to improve your lower back include Face-Pulls, Lat-Pulls, Rows, T’s A’s, Pull-Aparts and all Chin-Up variations.

It’s not what you Work, but how you Work it

Pitchers that want to increase their pitch speed will also be recommended to work on their core. However, not all core exercises will produce the same results. You have to work on these muscles explosively since you’re looking for explosive power, not endurance.

For instance, if you do planks, they might improve your balance, but they won’t do much for your pitching power. What you need is increase your rotation strength. By rotating faster with your core and hips, you will be able to produce more force, which will also allow you to reduce the pressure on your shoulders. Some of the rotational exercises you cantry toinclude Med Ball Throws, Pallof Presses, Sledge Hammer work, Wood Chops, and Landmine Rotations.


If you follow the few tips in this article, you should be able to significantly improve the speed, not only on your fastball but on all your pitches in general.

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