Coach Darrin Horn’s Seat Grows Hotter, Is a Firing in Store?

The drum beat for the firing of South Carolina’s Darrin Horn is growing louder as the time to act is now and not after the NCAA tourney. With recent moves across the coaching landscape, most feel that IF Eric Hyman is to act then this is the week.

What is going against Horn is the fact that South Carolina just finished 2-14 in the SEC. Lost again in SEC Tourney play. Got their fourth 20-loss season in school history.  Tied the school record for losses with 21. Suffering at recruiting. Attendance is down and the fan support is dwindling.

So the ball is in the court of Hyman.

Our friends at are reporting that the scenario involving the firing of Darrin Horn has grown within the last week and it seems likely.  It is not definite but if it happens it could be as early as Tuesday. The buyout is high but given the state of the program, most feel worth it.

On Monday, the women’s program will get their NCAA bid so no reason to overshadow that success. But after that, the watch is on for what happens to Darrin Horn.

Stay tuned…..

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