Dear Damontre Harris and Anthony Gill, Stay at South Carolina

Dear Damontre Harris and Anthony Gill, please stay at South Carolina.

The Gamecocks basketball team needs you going forward and you will not be sorry for sticking around with new coach Frank Martin.

I know with change that questions can arise concerning how you will fit in with the new system. Also I am sure when a coaching change occurs that “third parties” on behalf of other collegiate basketball programs reach out to express their desire for your abilities.  Don’t be fooled as you both are key cogs in the wheel for USC basketball.

Rumors are flying that you both are thinking of transfering out of the program, can I say don’t give up. Use this weekend to weigh the options before you. I hope through this that you will see that we, the fans, need you in the garnet and black. 

Both of you are likely to play key roles for USC as you both have loads of potential.  You both chose to bleed garnet, see it through. Believe that Coach Martin is going to change things at USC and be part of the journey. 

Yes, he is a tough coach but he will make you a better basketball player. He will push you and demand 120% each time you lace up your shoes and put on the USC jersey.  Wouldn’t you want to fight for respect and be part of something special?

Say yes to Carolina and help get USC basketball back on the right path.


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