Gamecocks Basketball: I Believe in Frank Martin

The South Carolina basketball team is in the beginning stages of something truly great under Coach Frank Martin. I believe that and in saying that, I know it will take time to accomplish and see the fruit.

Now, is it painful to watch the growing pains this team is going through…yes. Let’s consider this the low-point of the Martin tenure. I trust that we will look back at these first few seasons and point to it as the beginning of a SEC-caliber basketball program that has NCAA tourney potential on a constant basis.

Gamecocks basketball has been around for 106 seasons and in the last twenty, let’s be honest, has not been stellar. Frank Martin knows this and the fans cannot expect overnight success. However, I do expect to see improvements in the program and have seen them this year. I do not expect the 2013-14 squad to win the SEC or the NCAA college basketball championship. Just look at the odds for South Carolina at However, I do want to see them fight hard and grow as a unit this year by beginning to understand the coaching philosophy of the coaching staff.

Coach Martin owns a 131-72 (.645) overall record as a head coach and enters his second season at South Carolina. Martin is the guy for the job. Heck, he had five seasons with 20 wins in a major conference and is a respected coach amongst his peers. He has the right tools and is the right man to bring about a new age of Gamecocks basketball. Trust the building process of the program.

Look back at the early years of Gamecocks football, did Spurrier win 10 games in year one? No. Did Spurrier change the perception of USC football in two seasons? No. Did Spurrier come in and do it his way and build his type program with his players? Yes. I mention this as an example of a coach that came into a program knowing the perception and challenges yet ready to put the time in to build a program that is solid for years to come. Coach Martin is doing the same thing.

To the fans, be patient. During his first season (2012-13) in Columbia, Martin led his squad to a 14-18 record, which included a 4-14 mark in SEC contests. Right now, USC is 4-6 but keep in mind this team has eight newcomers. It will be a long season for sure but trust that this is just the “valley and the climb to the SEC mountain top is around the corner.” USC fans need to support the team and the coach. That is our role in this rebuilding process.

So say it with me….I believe in Frank Martin.

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