Gamecocks Basketball: Open Letter to Coach Frank Martin

No doubt the South Carolina men's basketball team is struggling and one could only imagine the frustration that Coach Frank Martin is going through. However, one thing is certain and that is we, the fans, must continue to support our beloved Gamecocks. So in that spirit, here is a open letter to Coach Martin:

Dear Coach,

Hope this letter finds you doing well. Love the garnet jacket you are sporting lately and keep on rockin' that bow tie. I write you today to say one thing – Keep the faith.

I know it is frustrating and I know your drive is intense. I too hate losing but I know that you are the right guy for the job. As you can see, you have a challenge to take a program that was near rock bottom and building it up again. I blame Dave Odom and Darrin Horn for leaving you not a lot to work with. But like I said, you are the right man for the job and I hope you have the patience necessary to build what could be a great SEC college basketball program.

We here at LOHD support you and your staff. You will turn this ship around. You have the best fans in college sports behind you. Just like Steve Spurrier did and Ray Tanner, you have to make this program yours. It will take time and that will make it so much more special. I can recall the 1-10 season in football and the 0-11. It was ugly but look at it now. This is similar as you have hit a rough patch but through staying the course, you will take this program it great places as I can see it in your eyes.

As mommy use to say, "good things come to those that wait." I feel it applies here as you are building a program and I know that the drive in you will make this into something special in about five years. We got your back Coach.

Keep the faith,


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