Gamecocks Harwood Report: Tigers Beaten Back

South Carolina had a better RPI coming into this game than LSU, #112 to #183, so USC winning by the score of 64-56 should not shock you.  USC is suppose to win games like these.

They won due to good shooting, good free throw shooting (14-17) and good defense.  South Carolina has won 100% of the time this season (8-0) when its had a field goal percentage of 44.0% or better.  USC is unbeaten when they hold their opponents to less than 56 points and 35% FG.

I still want to see USC work on its inside scoring and not be so dependent on the three point shot (6-16 vs LSU).  Maybe I should accept that this is what this team is about?  I don’t want to as I know this team can play better on the low-blocks and spread the court more to allow penetration.  For this team to really dominate, as they can, those two things must occur.  Ellington can do it and Muldrow can do it.  Now having them do it during the same game is to be seen.  Maybe Saturday…

The Gamecocks sit at 13-7 (4-3 SEC) and in 3rd place in the SEC. They have won 3 of the last 5 games but face a road challenge with the Commodores coming up.


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