NCAA Fab Four Plus One: Week 12 & 13 Ballot

Every Sunday this Gamecocks Blog and Bloguin’s NCAA hoops writers come together to vote on the four best teams in the country, our Fabulous Four, plus the best team from a non-BCS conference.  We present to you the Fab Four Plus One – because who has time to read a list of 25 teams.

Here is our ballots last week and this week:

Week 12 (last week):
Fab Four
1. Kansas — Jayhawks have arrived on top of the basketball ranking perch.  Will a date with the Wildcats ruin Valentine’s Day?
2.  Texas — Hamilton and Thompson are leading the Longhorns on their quest to be the best.  Have not lost in over a month, are they due soon?
3.  Ohio State — Early loss is good.  That is what you tell yourself if you are a Buckeye fan and that this should not be a habit.
4. Duke — the Devils are one of the elite teams and after beating UNC they deserve to be in the Fab Four.
Best Non-BCS
-BYU – Jimmer’s season and BYU’s rests on Feb. 26th.

Week 13 (this week):
Fab Four
1.  Duke – Have won five straight and does not seem to be slowing any time soon.
2.  Ohio State – Feed Sullinger and get decent guard play, equals winning right?  Purdue and the Badgers may have something different to say down the final stretch.
3. Kansas –  Wildcats got the best of the Jayhawks but still a overall good team with the Morris boys and should win the Big 12.
4. SDSU –  Kawhi is not a fruit but a key player for the Aztecs. Next week against BYU is for all the marbles.
Best Non-BCS
-Aztecs and for the same reason as above.

I look forward to the SDSU and BYU game as I go back-in-forth on which squad is better.  So do you agree that Duke is the #1 team this week?



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