South Carolina Basketball 2012: Please Avoid the Label

horm_clapThis morning I was catching up on some daily South Carolina Gamecocks sports reading and came across a story from Darryl Slater of the Post & Courier about how close USC basketball is to setting a record.

Well, this is not the type record you want your school to have.  See the Gamecocks are sitting at 2-10 in SEC league play and must win at least two more games to avoid the label of having the WORST SEC record of all-time.  Currently, the record is 3-13.

The Gamecocks have four regular season games remaining, those are against: Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Georgia.

So out of those four, who can USC beat?

Let’s discuss each opponent and the chances:

At Vandy:  It would take almost a miracle for the Gamecocks to defeat the ‘Dores on their turf.  USC would have to dominate the glass and shoot over 45% from three ball land to make this happen.  With Vandy on a mission to finish high in SEC play so those controlling NCAA bracket seeding take notice, USC stands a 15% chance in winning this game.

Tennessee:  This is a game USC can win if they can get UT entering this game not-on-all-cylinders.  UT is the better team but they are beatable as seen by their recent loss to Alabama.  Before that, the Vols had a four game winning streak but if USC can play with a lot of defensive pressure and force UT to make mistakes….well USC stands at a 50% chance in winning this game.  The Gamecocks have to play their tempo in this game and not try to run with the Vols.

Mississippi State: If Auburn can do it, so can USC.  The Gamecocks get the ‘Dogs at home and much like UT, the ‘Cocks have to get Miss. State to beat themselves in a way.  USC will have to play special and get great guard play in this game.  It can be done and I sit the percentage at 50 just like in the Vols game.

At Georgia:  This could be the deciding game and the Gamecocks can beat Georgia just like they did last time out.  Same game plan per se.  Put this at a 65% chance USC wins it.

So to recap this, the Gamecocks will likely lose to Vandy but have to win one of their home games against UT or MSU.  Then it comes down to the ‘Dawgs.  I feel USC can win two of the next four.  Please avoid the label of SEC’s worst.  I believe.  Coach Horn should coach his but off and demand 120% from his players.  No more excuses.  Lace it up and get after it.  Win Two for Gamecock Nation. 

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