South Carolina Basketball: Murphy Holloway Leaving

South Carolina men’s basketball Coach Darrin Horn is having a stressful week.  Murphy Holloway announced today that he would be transferring back to Ole Miss.  Holloway never played for USC but was being eyed to help the program greatly in the upcoming season.

Murphy Holloway is the fourth player this week to walk away from Horn’s program. Tuesday sophomore guards Ramon Golloway and Stephen Spinella announced they were transferring and Wednesday freshman point guard Bruce Ellington decided to join the football team with the intention of playing both sports.

Holloway issued this statement:

“I came back because of my daughter and my family situation and I feel like that situation is a lot better than it was, and I want to take the opportunity to go back to Ole Miss.”

South Carolina is left with nine scholarships next year and what was coined as a “young team” in 2010-2011, just got younger.

I encourage you to read our pals over at Garnet and Black Attack, as they asked the question – “Is Darrin Horn Worth the Wait?”
That is a very good question.  And I am still trying to determine that answer.

To add to this issue, I go back to see that this is the 10 time a player has left the program for whatever reason under Coach Horn in his three year tenure:

Trevor Deloach
Chad Gray
Darrius Morrow
Carter Mitchel
Austin Steed
Mike Holmes
Stephen Spinella
Ramon Galloway
Bruce Ellington
Murphy Holloway

I have supported Horn through the blame being put on “young team” and other timely excuses.  At the end of the day, it is about coaching and I am just not seeing it.  There is no offense, besides shooting a 3 or the lean on one player to do it all, and the defense is suspect at times.  I see no progression in the program and it seems the players are not buying in to what the coach is saying.  Again, is Darrin Horn worth the wait?


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