South Carolina Basketball: Open Letter to Frank Martin

Welcome Frank to South Carolina and the best University in the state. We are a little bias in saying that but we trust once you spend some time around campus and these fans, you will feel the same way.

Let me just start by saying, that Gamecock Nation is so happy to have you as the coach of the men’s basketball program at USC.

We have watched your career since 2007 when you took the Kansas State program to the NCAA tourney. You did a amazing job for the Wildcats as you led them to three straight NCAA tournament appearances.

It is being reported that the USC board of trustee’s is reviewing a potential $2.05 million deal to hire you and let us be the first to say that you are worth every penny.

To play with the big boys in the SEC, well we have to pay a coach like you what you are worth. Now you know that a price tag like that also commands results but trust us we are not expecting a miracle in year one. By the third year, we want to see progression and we know you will do it as you have the abilities to get the job done.

Oh and let’s be real honest, you can only go up from what Darrin Horn did at USC. Let’s review those highlights:

—Horn’s record at South Carolina was 60-63.
—The 63 losses are the most ever at South Carolina for a 4th year coach. 33 of those losses were by double digits.
—Horn’s SEC record at South Carolina is 23-45 including Tournament Games).
—Speaking of postseason, well Horn’s record was 0-5(0-1 in the NIT, 0-4 in the SEC Tournament).

As you can see, you can and will do better.  This is not a lesser job than your KSU gig as the USC job has huge upside.  Yes, you got work to do but it will be so much more rewarding. Just ask Steve Spurrier, Ray Tanner and Dawn Staley. 

What are the expecations you are thinking, well here is our list to start out:

—Recruit hard. Get after every legit guy in the State of South Carolina and don’t let a Brice Johnson-type player go north again. We know some go to the school they love but we expect you to give them something to think about as you recruit. We are exciting to have you as you can open doors on a national stage.

—Sit down with Bruce Ellington and allow him to play both sports. Trust us when we say…you need him next year.

—Attend Gamecock Club meetings and get the fanbase excited. We are some of the most loyal fans and we are behind you.

—Don’t talk about “building a program” as that was what Darrin Horn said way too much. We get it as we know it takes time to get the program working the way you want it but your job is to come in and change the mentality of the program. Steve Spurrier faced the same thing as people think you can not win at USC…prove them wrong.

—As far as winning, well we want to see a competitive team.  There is no reason you can not get the program to a point that they finish in the top five each year.

I think you get our point as it is about getting this program respectable again.

Frank, in closing, again we welcome you. We like your coaching style, your energy and your presence on the sideline. You are exactly the type coach for this program at this moment in time.

Get use to saying “Go Cocks” and now it is time to get to work.  Good luck.

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Two-time grad of THE University of South Carolina.