USC senior forward Dominique Archie will apply for a medical hardship

archieIn the hands of the NCAA is a decision on whether the USC senior forward Dominique Archie will return for another season due to his knee injury.  Archie calls his chances “50-50.”  I say it is slimmer than that.

Today the Gamecocks Coach Darrin Horn allowed Mr. Archie to join him in the afternoon press event and the only news out of it was the Archie situation.  Heck, USC is riding a five game losing streak so what can you really say?  This was the first time Archie has been allowed to speak to the media since his injury to his knee after a dunk in the Miami game.

Horn said that every case for a sixth year medical hardship is different and it is up to the NCAA review panel. For Archie, it will hinge on whether SC can prove he was suffering from injuries his true freshman year.

It is safe to say that if Archie does not get his year back then he most likely is headed overseas to begin his professional basketball career.  The injury really knocked him off course to be in the NBA and you may remember he had the option to leave early last year.

He is a great player and it would be great to see him in garnet & black for the 2010-2011 season.  He is a dynamic player that was not appreciated enough for what he contributed.

I think this is a long shot for Archie and I would not plan on him being back but as we have seen the NCAA is a weird beast so who knows…..good luck to Archie and thanks to him for all the memories.

{photo credit – The State Newspaper}


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