Fantasy Sports – The Billion Dollar Industry

Human beings are all the same everywhere. At one point or the other, we have all indulged in a pastime that includes reveling in our fantasies. Well, some geniuses have been able to turn that particular proclivity into an industry.a

Various sports such as basketball, football, and baseball have huge followership all around the world. 3.2 billion people watched the FIFA World Cup final in 2014. It is therefore not that surprising that fantasy sports is also getting a massive following.

Fantasy sports is an online game where players pick a virtual team of real life players of a sport. These teams then compete with billions of other teams all around the world. The competition and points awarded are based on the performances of the players chosen in actual real life games.

Since its advent in the 60’s, fantasy sports have become one of the fastest growing industries. Now worth over a billion dollars, there are over three billion active players in the world right now, and countless betting sites that you can use yourself to try your luck at fantasy sports.

It’s not very hard to see the appeal of fantasy sports. Very often, fans criticize the managerial decisions and tactical nous of coaches. A chance to slide into the managerial seat, making transfers, selecting tactics, and adjusting virtual teams is a dream. Keep in mind that the performance of your virtual team is based on real life player performances, and the intrigue increases.

Another appeal that fantasy spots hold is the potential prize money for winners. Annually, each fantasy sports player pays an average of $465 for entry, with prize money running into the millions and hundreds of thousands. Last year, fantasy sports prizes totaled up to $2 billion worldwide.

With fantasy sports, you can be a true fan and enjoy the sporting experience like never before. Although there are a lot of fantasy sports players worldwide, the USA and Canada have the highest number of users.

In the United States, a staggering 21% of the population are fantasy league players. The statistic is 19% in Canada. The 40% of fantasy sports players say they will play for life. With the total amount of entry fees purported to reach $5.3 billion by 2020, this industry doesn’t look like it’s dying out anytime soon.


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