10 Questions for the Upcoming College Football Season

Each week during the college football season I will post 10 questions about the upcoming week.  These questions involve not only our beloved USC Gamecocks but include the SEC and college football as a whole.   Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think by commenting.

  1. Can the SEC win a 5th national title in a row?  Can Alabama win back to back National Championships?
  2. Which over hyped QB will have the best season, which will be the biggest bust….Ryan Mallett (U of A), Jake Locker (UW) or Christian Ponder (FSU)?
  3. Now that Southern Cal is on double secret probation, which PAC 10 school will step up and be the face of their conference?
  4. Now that Bobby Bowden has retired, can Jimbo Fisher lead FSU to an ACC Championship in his first season?  If not, who do you think will win the ACC?
  5. The SEC has a new batch of starting  QB’s coming in this season, which new QB will have the biggest impact on his team in 2010?  (Brantley (UF) Masoli (Ole Miss) Matt Simms (UT) Murray (UGA) Newton (Auburn)
  6. There were 25 coaching changes from last season, which new coach will have the most success in his first season with his new team?
  7. Will Erin Andrews new 1 hour ESPN College Gameday show be a success or a flop?
  8. Is 2010 the year a Mid-Major makes it to the National Championship Game?
  9. Can a Mid-Major QB win the Heisman Trophy this year?  Dalton (TCU) Keenum (Houston) or Moore (Boise State)  If not, who is your favorite pre-season Heisman candidate?
  10. Which team does the NCAA come down harder on for off-season violations.  UNC or South Carolina?  Does Wesley Saunders see the field in 2010?

7 Days till kickoff

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