Post-Kentucky: 10 Questions

After a short vacation to celebrate the birth of my son, I am back with some questions for you.  The Gamecocks have decided to play the role of Dr. Jeckly and Mr. Hyde for Halloween this season, after knocking off the #1 team in the country, the Cocks decide to lose to a mediocre Kentucky team.  I still can’t grasp how you can hold reigning Heisman trophy winner Mark Ingram to 41 yards rushing on 11 carries but allow Randell Cobb to run free down the sideline for the game winning touchdown.  Well any way, here are 10 questions to ponder over for the upcoming week.

1.) Will this be the 3rd straight week College Gameday will be live from  where the top ranked team in the country falls?  Oklahoma at Missouri.

2.) We are halfway through the season, which team has been the biggest disappointment to you so far this season.

3.) Now that the first BCS poll is out, who will be playing for the National Championship?

4.)  If Boise State or TCU makes it to the National Championship game, and a undefeated team from a BCS conference is left out.  Will that be enough to cause the NCAA/BCS to add a plus 1 game.

5.) The SEC East race is going to come down to the wire, what team and record wins the race?

6.) Bigger upset this past weekend, Kentucky over USC or Miss St. over Florida?

7.)  As of right now it looks like Marcus Lattimore will not play this weekend, who do you start in his place: Kenny Miles or Brian Maddox, and why?

8.)The Heisman race this season seems to change weekly, if the season ended today, who would be your Heisman winner?

9.) The current bowl projections have South Carolina playing in either the Capital One bowl, or Outback.  What bowl do you think South Carolina will play in this season?

10.) USC hasn’t won a SEC road game since 2008, can the Gamecocks win this weekend in Nashville?  What is your score prediction?

Photo by Mark Cornelison

10 questions for this week

1.) Does Michigan deserve to be in the top 25 after beating ND?
2.) Who will Lane Kiffin blame the loss to UCLA on, Jonathan Crompton?
3.) Better coach Charlie Weis or Ty Willingham?
4.) After 2 weeks of football, the better conference is ACC or Mountain West?
5.) Rivals top 5 players coming out of high school in 2007 were Jimmy Clausen, Joe McKnight, Eric Berry, Ryan Mallett and Carlos Dunlap. After knowing how each of their careers have gone so far, which player would you take as your first pick to start a program.
6.) Do you consider the Big 12 to be overrated, especially after 2 of their top 3 teams have lost non-conference games in the first 2 weeks of the season.
7.) After watching Michigan beat ND last week, do you think they have a chance of beating OSU and winning the Big 10?
8.) If BYU/TCU/Utah, Boise State, or Cincinnati goes undefeated, do they deserve to play in the National Championship game?
9.) Will Colorado win a game this year?
10.) What would Tim Tebow do if he was Willy Korn?

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