Dylan Thompson, Time to Shine

Time for Dylan Thompson to shine as South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier has pretty much given the keys to the Gamecocks offense to Mr. Thompson. Barring some type of health setback between now and the beginning of September, it will be “Dylan’s team.”

 Speaking at a South Carolina men’s basketball game last Saturday, head coach Steve Spurrier stated, “[Dylan Thompson] is without question going to be our quarterback unless he gets hurts.”

This news should not surprise anyone as Thompson is the lone returning player at the position who has seen any type of meaningful action; the five other quarterbacks currently on the roster have combined to attempt five passes. Aside from the decided edge in experience, Thompson has also been very successful during the times he has seen the field. Let’s hope it continues but let’s also hope the younger arms continue to progress and push as that is what makes the future bright for USC football.

The question is not a matter of “Is Thompson ready” but more of “Will he excel?” If his past performances, as seen in the video below, are any indication the 2014 season looks bright with Thompson under center. Bovada gives South Carolina 25 to 1 odds of winning the 2014-15 College Football Playoff, putting the Gamecocks tied with seven other teams as the ninth-likeliest to take home the national championship. Those odds may not be as serious as you will see in Superbowl XLVIII betting but just knowing that others feel USC has a chance is music to my ears.

One thing is for certain, all eyes on Thompson and the Gamecocks in 2014.

Watch this video of Dylan Thompson and as you can see he has the talent both within him and around him. The time to shine is now:


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