Gamecocks Football 2014: Secondary Uncertainty

As the South Carolina Gamecocks take the field for the first time this late summer season in preparation for the fall pursuit of SEC glory, the biggest question mark for the squad is the secondary.

The Gamecocks got a boost of good news as freshman cornerbacks Wesley Green and Chris Lammons were granted admission earlier in the week. Having these two will be a huge plus this season and both have the chance to contribute early.

Even with Green and Lammons, uncertainty is the issue facing the secondary as it has yet to really be determined on who will play and where. The starting cornerbacks, according to the preseason depth chart, are Rico McWilliams and Sidney Rhodes with Ali Groves and Jamari Smith as backups, respectively. So who gets the nod at corner? Along with that question let’s not forget Brison Williams as he wants to play corner but he may need to remain at safety.

With everything, this will work itself out over the next few weeks but what needs to be seen is the secondary playing with swagger. Look for Lammons and Green to push for playing time yet don’t overlook McWilliams.

Regardless, the Gamecocks have to have this unit ready for the long SEC stretch as they will be challenged often and for USC to get to the SEC Championship, this unit will determine that goal.


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