Gamecocks Football: Byron Jerideau Arrested

byron_jerideauSouth Carolina defensive lineman Byron Jerideau was arrested Thursday night and faces two charges: public disorderly conduct and another as a pedestrian on a controlled access highway.

Has to be dumb move of the year and maybe we can blame this on Friday the 13th.  Nonetheless, this young man had no business doing what he did.

According to the police report Jerideau, a rising senior, was leaving a bar in the 5-Points area of downtown Columbia when officer observed him being loud and profane. According to the report he almost caused an accident by walking into traffic and was loud after he was arrested.

According to the arrest report, Jerideau and a group of peers were jaywalking.  He was almost struck by an SUV and almost caused a traffic collision. Jerideau was approached by an officer and used profanity when confronted.

The report goes on to say that the officer reported that he “could smell alcohol on the subject’s breathe and person.” The reporting officer attempted to place Jerideau under arrest, which prompted more profanity. Two other officers arrived and assisted in putting Jeriedau under arrest without further incident. He was then taken to Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

Per USC athletic department policy, Jerideau is automatically suspended from the team indefinitely.

Jerideau was a back up last season, but played in all 13 of USC’s games. He picked up seven tackles and 1.5 sacks.


LOHD spin:  Totally dumb move on his part.  This guy is a rising senior and knows better than to be stupid like this.  Consider this a mistake and hopefully he learns from it.

Here is a tweet from Jerideau –

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