Monday Rambles after USC defeats UNC plus LOHD on TV

The South Carolina Gamecocks won their opener against the UNC Tarheels so life is good on this Monday. Oh and it is Labor Day too so we get a day of rest on top of knowing that our team is 1-0. Not everyone can say that today (i.e. UGa).

As I think back on the win, I really liked the showing from Mike Davis and the defense overall. I was curious to see how the linebackers and others in the secondary responded to the up-tempo Tarheels but they did great. Good signs going into Week 2 for the Gamecocks.

I was surprised to see how the Tarheels got a little dirty in the game. The "head shot" to Vic Hampton was uncalled for and the hit to Clowney's knee late in the game should get the kid punished by UNC coaches. Both were uncalled for.

Going into the UGa game week, it is time to forget the UNC win. But before you do that, did you see LOHD on TV? Check this out:


L.J. (aka Moose) makes us proud. Thanks Tyler Ryan for having us.

Now it is Georgia week, one game at a time is the motto around here and the Gamecocks stand a great chance against the 'Dawgs…don't you agree?


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