Phil Steele Wrong on Gamecocks Bowl Destination

gamecockPhil Steele is wrong on the South Carolina Gamecocks football team’s bowl destination for 2011-2012.  Phil Steele is respected and gives great insight on college football but his crystal ball has gotten it wrong on USC ending up in the Outback bowl for this upcoming season.

On his blog, Phil Steele predicts the Outback Bowl versus the Wisconsin Badgers out of the Big Ten. 

This can not be the case for USC due to the Gamecocks finishing higher than number three or four in the SEC overall in 2011-2012.  I could believe his prediction if he said the Capital One Bowl as the SEC No. 2 but the Outback bowl….nah.  

Gamecock Nation will not settle for another Outback Bowl and the bowl officals know this.  Bowls are about money and USC’s fanbase would not travel heavily to another Outback Bowl.  Not saying USC would not take it but it would not sit well if this happens.  Been there too many times, hence the Gamecocks trickled down to the Chick-fil-a Bowl this past season.

LOHD feels that the Gamecocks will end up in the Capital One Bowl or Sugar Bowl this year.  When we are right, we will claim that we are smarter that Phil Steele.


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