Q & A on the Upcoming Georgia Football Game

Our blogging pals over at College Football Zealots asked us to provide answers to their question from the South Carolina football perspective regarding the upcoming Georgia game. Read our feedback below:

1. Which players have been the most pleasant surprises so far this year (and why)?

Well, the first to come to mind would be backup quarterback Dylan Thompson as he rose to the challenge in filling in for a hurt Conner Shaw. Another has been linebacker Shaq Wilson as he has stepped up this year after being injured in 2011. The Gamecocks defense needed his intensity and efforts in the linebacking corp. Those two players are the individuals that I would say are the pleasant surprises thus far.

2. After five games, what areas do you see as the weakest parts of the Gamecocks overall game?

I think the special teams unit can improve, especially in the kicking game. Need the punter to be consistent and need the kicker to make everything inside 45 yards. Another area that needs to improve is just the Gamecocks, as a whole, coming out of the gate to start a game with determination and having that result in playing a complete game. I think, after five games, we have not seen the Gamecocks 100% and give 100%. Now that the squad is entering a hard part of the schedule, it is time to step up the level of playing.

3. What concerns you the most about the Georgia game?

Having USC come out strong to start the game is a concern due to the fact that the Kentucky game scared me as the Gamecocks were slow out of the gate and it almost cost them the win. That can not happen versus the Bulldogs and UGa is to good to mount a comeback on from a deep hole.  I also want to see the USC offensive line and how they respond to the UGa defensive front. This will be the best defensive front the Gamecocks have faced all year and the outcome of the game will be determined on how USC’s OL plays against the UGa DL.

4. South Carolina wins this game if _________?

They must capitalize off of what UGa gives them. Whether it is a turnover or key field position, the Gamecocks must find success on Georgia’s mistakes. This game will likely come down to inches or a turnover. So the Gamecocks have to take what is given. Also I feel that the Gamecocks need to have a balanced offensive attack and on defense, they must pressure Aaron Murray and disrupt his flow. Do those things and the Gamecocks will win.

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