SEC Media Gets it Wrong by Picking Gamecocks 3rd in SEC East

SEC Media has picked the USC Gamecocks to finish third in the SEC East for 2010.  They feel Alabama will win the SEC West and the Gators will win the East with the Crimson Tide being repeat champs this upcoming season.  Here is their 2010 Preseason Media rankings –

SEC Champion – Alabama (143), Florida (17), Auburn (7), Arkansas (3), Ole Miss (2), Georgia (2), LSU (1), South Carolina (1), Kentucky (1).

SEC Eastern Division (First Place Votes)

1. Florida (153)        1030

2. Georgia (15)          791

3. South Carolina (8)    790

4. Kentucky              462

5. Tennessee             450

6. Vanderbilt (1)        194

SEC Western Division (First Place Votes)

1. Alabama (157)        1034

2. Arkansas (6)          726

3. Auburn (10)           691

4. LSU (1)               653

5. Mississippi State     320

6. Ole Miss (3)          293


This year’s Eastern race should be a good one and USC has a chance no matter what the mainstream media may say.  In the East, you have a Tebowless Florida undergoing growing pains with Brantley,  UGA with a new defensive scheme and new players on offense and Tennessee might not even have a QB. 

This may be the perfect preseason placement for the Gamecocks, you don’t want to be on top of the SEC media poll.  We have learned in the past, this can only set you up for failure.  As Spurrier said yesterday, until the Gamecocks prove they can beat the Florida’s, Georgia’s and Tennessee’s on a regular basis – third might be the best the media can do. 

 I think all the negative comments by Spurrier about Garcia in the spring has also played a major factor in USC not being as ranked higher on a SEC and national level.  Personally, I think that all the comments are to fuel the fire, and keep Garcia from becoming complacent. I think behind the scenes this summer, Garcia has been extremely motivated to prove both coach Spurrier and the media wrong.  Every morning when I drive past the practice field, I see the players running 7 on 7 drills and practicing for the upcoming season.  To me this is a good sign of their dedication and is a key ingredient (offseason work) that helps build a program.

USC’s chances of winning the SEC East is the strongest ever entering a new season.  SEC Media, thanks for the input today but something says you will be wrong by in 2010.  LOHD thinks one of two things will happen either USC wins the East or will finish second in the standings.  Call us crazy but we are extremely high on this team as are only concern is the O-line but we have faith in Coach Elliott’s scheme.

 What are your thoughts on the preseason rankings from SEC Media days?


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