Strength Coach Craig Fitzgerald Resigns, Huge Loss for the Gamecocks

Craig Fitzgerald, who was the strength and conditioning coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks, has left the football program to pursue other opportunities.  Likely meaning he is the next S&C coach at Penn State.  Make no mistake about it, this is a huge loss for South Carolina and the biggest coaching loss of the offseason for the Gamecocks.

Fitzgerald will be replaced by Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Joe Connolly.

Conn0lly, 29, joined the Gamecocks’ strength and conditioning staff in January 2009. In addition to his duties with the football team, Connolly has also worked with the Carolina track & field program.  Welcome Mr. Connolly and don’t let any part of the football program degress on your watch.

Back to our point that this is the biggest loss amongst the various coaching changes USC has experienced.  Fitzgerald helped to get the USC program where it is today by taking young freshman and helping to mold their bodies into what it takes to win 11 games.  Coach Fitz was one that never got a lot of credit but he dealt with every member of the team unlike a position coach. Coach Fitz was their motivator and helped the football team reach their potential as a person first, then as a unit.  Think of the program before Fitz.  Now you get my point?

Good news is Connolly knows the system and what it takes.  Let’s hope we don’t see anyone sucking wind in the fourth quarter…meaning no drop off due to this change.

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