Gamecock Fans Pulling for Clemson? Get Out of Here

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In The State paper the other day they ran a article asking “Are you a bad South Carolinian if you don’t pull for Clemson?” Allow me to simply state how much of a joke that article and the thought of the concept is. Shame on the newspaper, its’ editor and the author for writing such garbage to entice heartburn in Gamecock nation.

I get it and it worked. It got me to ‘click’ and read the story (which I kick myself for). I hate how every time the school from “upstate South Carolina” has a good run, we the Gamecock fans are asked of not only the silly fanbase of such a school to pull for them, but the media plays the game too.  Allow me to simply respond to such a stupid question by saying via this pic:

When will The State paper ask the same of the northern school’s fans to pull for SC vs. Michigan? Actually, don’t. Stop being dumb media folks with dumb questions like that. I am sure there is a few fans that will pull for the rival but most will not. This fan will not be pulling for the rival, I hope Alabama manhandles them and I am not saying that for the good of the conference as it is simply relates to I hate the rival.