Gamecocks Football: The Case for NOT Hiring Bryan McClendon

The Gamecocks football program is at a crossroads with its’ offensive philosophy as it has a decision to either hire interim offensive coordinator, Bryan McClendon, or go with someone else as the primary play-caller. We recently wrote on why Coach Muschamp should hire McClendon and now here is the counter argument to go with a outsider for such as crucial role.

I present to you the case against hiring McClendon, three reasons:

  1. He is part of the lack of production and therefore the problem. Let’s be honest, as the Gamecocks finished 13th and 12th in total offense in 2016 and ’17, respectively in the SEC. Not stellar for any member of the offensive coaching staff. Yes, the full blame lies at the feet of Kurt Roper but all the coaches involved on the offensive side of the ball can take some of the blame. Having a outsider will allow a new responsible party to take the helm and end the connection to the past performance.
  2. Ability to find the next “new” offensive genius. Bringing in a new coach to handle the play-calling will bring in new ideas and a new game plan. In the world of college football, having a sexy offense with movement and up-tempo seems to be what is desired. Bringing in a sense of new will aid the mental picture of the Gamecocks. This is a chance to find the up-and-coming coach that has the next great offensive strategy (i.e. think Chad Morris) that can revamp USC. It can signal to the offensive recruits that USC has the “eye-candy” and the will put up big stats. This is a opportunity and for the sake of the program should be taken?
  3. Simple optics. College football is a business which boils down to performance and attraction. The ability to perform at a high standard is something that is always under pursuit. The fans of the Gamecocks demand success and deserve it. To help appease, a new hire can satisfy the fanatics. It can also keep the attraction going both with new interest and continued engagement from fans and pundits alike.

There is no telling yet what Coach Muschamp will do – either hire McClendon or go with a outsider. It is his choice and one that depends on the outcome of the Outback Bowl. What is clear is the need for the next coordinator to be able to mix power run with a tempo, spread option pass principles. What will Muschamp do?

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