Bloguin 2011 Heisman Race: Week 9 Ballot

College football is so much fun to watch with its’ drama and inspired play.  Here we sit with just a handful of weeks remaining for the season and there are three candidates for the Heisman that stand out in our minds. 

Here is our Bloguin Heisman Week 9 Ballot –

bloguinheisman1. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford This should not need explaining as he lead his team to a win against USC with all the eyes watching.  He contributed to four touchdowns in toppling the Trojans.  For the season, he has over 2200 yards passing and 23 TDs with a 71% completion rate.  Again no need to explain. 2. Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama He and his team got a bye week but he still holds the second spot as he is the best running back in college football at this point in the season.  He has 989 rushing yards and 17 TDs.  To win the Heisman, he has to produce more and Bama has to beat LSU. 3. Case Keenum, QB, Houston How can you not rate this guy highly in the mix of Heisman contenders as his passing numbers make you shake your head.  He has over 3200 yards passing, 32 TDs and a 71% completion rate with just 3 INTS.  Oh and his team is 8-0 for the season.

So do you agree?  Post comments below.


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