Former Gamecock Corey Jenkins Gets His Story Told

This story about former Gamecock starting quarterback Corey Jenkings, who later turned into a linebacker, appears in the May 2, 2011 issue of ESPN The Magazine.  It is a sad story about a promising player in both baseball and football that was scammed out of every penny by a bad agent.  This story sheds light on the darker side of sports especially back in the day, not saying it is better now but nonetheless you hate reading stories like this.  A person who trusted too much and loses everything.

We wish Corey Jenkins nothing but the best in life going forward.  He was stepped in to help at quarterback under Coach Holtz and he did some good things at South Carolina.  When I think back at a Jenkins memory….it is 2002 and USC is playing Georgia.  Ball is at the six, SC on offense looking to move the ball.  Next think you know David Pollack bats down a pass from South Carolina quarterback Corey Jenkins in the South Carolina end zone and managed to catch the ball in the end zone before it hit the ground; Pollack was credited with a 0-yard interception return for a touchdown.  That play still pains me….just watch…

Do read THE ESPN STORY and we wish Corey the best in the next chapter of his life.  Hopefully many learn from this.

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