Gamecocks Baseball Super Regional Set

It’s Super Regional Week.  We now know South Carolina will face Oklahoma in the Super Regionals with the winner advancing to Omaha.  Since South Carolina earned the #8 National Seed the game will be played at Carolina Stadium in Columbia.

It was announced last night that the first game would be at 8 pm on Saturday night on ESPNU.  Game 2 will be at 7 pm on Sunday night on ESPNU.  If a third game is necessary it will be at 7 pm on Monday on ESPN2.

Typically half the super regionals are scheduled for Friday-Saturday-Sunday and the other half are Saturday-Sunday-Monday.  Many fans don’t like the Saturday-Sunday-Monday set up because of late games on work nights, but this year it might be an advantage for South Carolina.

All season Michael Roth has been the first starter, but that hasn’t been the case in the SEC tournament and the regional.  If Coach Tanner wants him to take the ball in the first game, he can do it on a full week’s rest.  If Coach Tanner wants to stay will the Holmes-Roth-Montgomery rotation then everyone will be on 8 days rest, which is pretty good.

Some may be concerned that starting the series a day later could benefit Oklahoma.  The Sooners had to play two games on Monday and are no doubt tired now.  I wouldn’t worry too much about that, their pitching staff would be rested and ready to go if the series started on Friday.

Last weekend, as USC beat Clemson, almost every coach and player that gave public quotes talked about how great the fans were and what a wonderful atmosphere there was at the stadium last weekend.  Even though the schedule isn’t the most convenient for everyone, we need to create that atmosphere again.

We’ll be here all week with coverage leading up to the first pitch Saturday night.