Gamecocks Fan Mail: Third Edition

Here is another installment of our “Gamecocks Fan Mail” series and this week we have two solid questions to address so here goes:

1. Amber from Elgin asks us – “In your opinion, who wins the Heisman?” Well, the ESPN hype machine is pushing Johnny Football so look for him to claim many votes. The other is Colin Klein to watch out of K State. If Klein can beat the Longhorns today in good fashion then he will win out. If he sucks then ESPN will hype up Johnny Football enough to sway some votes. 

2. Frank from Camden asks us – “Who wins the SEC Championship?” To us that is simple, it will be Alabama as Saban has something to prove. Scary, right?


Your favorite Gamecocks blogging crew here at Leftover Hot Dog has started this new feature called "Gamecocks Fan Mail." This is your way to ask questions on the beloved Gamecocks sports program or heck, anything else that is on your mind. Email your questions to and we will post the questions (withholding names) and provide answers. Don't like email then hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Either way, ask away and we are sure to get you a answer.


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