Gamecocks Great Debate: Should Price and Koumas Exchange Roles

Here is another Gamecocks Great Debate. The topic this week is “should Price and Koumas excahnge roles?”

Below are the thoughts from the LOHD crew with respect to the question. Please post your comments in regard to this question in the comments section.


Matt Price elected to come back to school this year after he was drafted and could have gone pro.  It was rumored that he wanted a chance to start, and he has gotten that chance.  He hasn’t pitched poorly, but he hasn’t been as lights out as he was closing last year.  His walks and HBPs are up, and his ERA has climbed from last year.  Meanwhile Forrest Koumas hasn’t exactly settled into the closing role.  He’s had a couple of rough outings, and Evan Beal is being used in his place at times.  The bullpen needs Price more than the starting rotation does.


I agree with the comments from the General as both Matt Price and Forrest Koumas need to return to their former roles.  By doing so, it will strengthen the team especially in the bullpen.  I trust Coach Tanner as he has two back-to-back national championships that prove he knows how to coach.  However, the bullpen is a weak link currently and putting Price in there, even if temporarily, will make the team better overall.


I think the question is, can USC win the SEC without Matt Price in the bullpen.   I think they can, I believe you let Matt Price continue to start as he is currently 4-1 in his first 5 starts of the season.  The bullpen will figure it out as the season goes on.  There are a lot of young arms, looking to get a chance to prove they can pitch at USC. If Evan Beal can’t get the job done, lets see what Westmoreland or Jordan Montgomery can do out of the bullpen.

Note: The foregoing was written before last night’s performance.  In light of that, who has it right?