Keeping the South Carolina-Clemson Rivalry Going Without Politics

gamecockoldlogoWhat a novel idea?  Keeping the second-longest consecuitively played rivalry game going but does it talk politics?  Seems that is the case as the South Carolina Legislature has stepped in to ensure the rivalry does not fall to the wayside like others (see Texas v Texas A&M).

Clemson and South Carolina have played 103 straight years, the second-longest consecutively played game at the Div. 1-A (FBS) level.

According to The State newspaper, a proposal put forth by Republican state representative Nathan Ballentine that would compel Clemson and South Carolina to continue their rivalry game uninterrupted will be considered by a House panel.

Some may feel politicos have no business in this matter but Ballentine noted that State elected leaders were forced to step in and require the two teams to meet during the 1952 season, so such intervention is not without precedent.

We do agree with SC Rep. Ballentine’s intentions as he stated “with all the conference realignment, we just wanted to make sure this annual game continues….”  He continued by saying, “No one wants to see that happen here to our two universities where families enjoy the annual game, and it’s great for our economy.”

True but it should not take political intervention.  LOHD agrees with our glorious University Spokesman that stated, “Athletic schedules need to be decided by athletic directors and coaches.”

Suffice to say, we too would prefer the legislature stay out of the business of football schedules.  Their are larger issues to concern themselves with besides this.  LOHD feels for certain the Tigers vs. Gamecocks battle will be here for many more generations no matter what happens with conference schedules as the rivalry is has too many moving parts to be broken.



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