List of Clemson’s Nine NCAA Secondary Violations

Clemson has conducted recruiting violations, surprised right?  The University released reports this past Friday showing nine NCAA secondary violations from August through January, nothing too major but still rules were broken by Clemson.

Here is a list of those nine secondary violations:

Level 1 (the most serious in the secondary classification that gets reported to the NCAA):

—A coach displaying jerseys in impermissible locations during visits by six prospects for that athlete and their family to see. All the prospects were declared ineligible by Clemson.
—The athletic department’s compliance office found a graduate assistant coach was not enrolled in at least five hours of a full-time graduate program of studies as required by NCAA guidelines. A review of the past six years found several other violations of rules governing graduate assistant coaches.
—Two Clemson coaches went off campus to look at a pair of prospects during a period where such evaluation wasn’t permitted by the NCAA.

Level II:

—This past September bowling party during a prospect’s official visit that was paid for by the coach.
— A player wrongly receiving a meal while accompanying a prospect on a visit.
—A team wearing a logo on warm-up gear that was larger than the permitted 2 1/4 inches.
—A athletic department staffer appearing in radio commercials for a recruiting services website that were recorded before they were hired by the school.
—Two athletes received meals they weren’t entitled to during fall break.
— A coach’s self-reported meeting with a prospect on a day when they had another contest in a different sport.

Not all serious nor do we know the names of coaches, players or the specific team sport.  Interesting however given all the talk when the NCAA looks at South Carolina.  I guess before you throw the first stone understand that you are not clean either.  In doing so, you may hesitate a little in calling a rival Univeristy a bunch of cheats as it seems rules were also broken within the Tigers sports program.


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