No Clemson, You Did Not Win the 2009 ACC Championship

Hate to hear Georgia Tech getting it handed to them by the NCAA for what could have been a secondary violation for impermissible benefits and preferential treatment (a player received $312 worth of clothing from a friend of a sports agency employee) turned into a major violation according to the NCAA.

The Yellow Jackets received the following for their bad behavior:

  • Four years’ probation.
  • Vacate the 2009 ACC title game.
  • $100,000 fine.
  • Reduction in official men’s basketball recruiting visits for 2011-12 and 2012-13.
  • Reduction in recruiting days for 2011 summer evaluation period *
  • Public reprimand and censure.
    * Self-imposed

That surely stings Tech fans but what amazes me is the Clemson faithful coming out of the woodworks at an attempt to stake claim to the ’09 crown.  Silly Tigers.  I mean come on, how desperate can you be…..

For the record, NO Clemson you are not the champions.  Clemson football lost that game.  They got beat on the field of play by the score of 39-34 by the better team.

Yes, the GT player at the center of the investigation by the NCAA, Demaryius Thomas, had a key 70-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter but this still means on that day you, Clemson, lost.  This is not a case of the player being on steroids or having an unfair advantage in competition that day.  So stop trying to claim a title that is not rightfully yours.  I will stop there with trying to rationalize why Clemson is not the ACC champ.  I learned a long time ago that Clemson fans see things through an orange lens.

Here is a statement from Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford regarding the NCAA Infractions Committee’s ruling on Georgia Tech and this issue:

“We are aware of the NCAA’s decision with regard to Georgia Tech. The penalties that have been announced will require Georgia Tech to vacate the 2009 ACC Football Championship. Consistent with NCAA procedures, Georgia Tech will return the championship trophy and the official conference records for 2009 will not designate a champion. All ACC record books will be amended accordingly.”

So there you have it Clemson fans, the boss man himself says you are not the champs.  Case closed.   Get over it and stop the wishful thinking.  Clemson is not the 2009 ACC champs.

Keep crying boys…

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