South Carolina Football: Questionable Party Poster Features Whitlock and Clowney

The University of South Carolina compliance office, as if they do not have enough NCAA issues to deal with, is “looking into” a nightclub poster featuring photos of current Gamecock football players Jadeveon Clowney and C.C. Whitlock.

The poster promotes a party at a nightclub near the players’ hometowns and indicates Clowney and Whitlock are helping to host the party.

Why bring this up?  Well, these fliers have been in the headlines lately because of the potential NCAA issues they can create. NCAA rules prohibit athletes from appearing in advertisements that promote off-campus businesses or revenue-generating events.  Even if the players are not present for the party, they can not have their image displayed like this.

There was another case similar to this one involving a Burlington nightclub and a UNC football player.  Dwight Jones, the UNC player in question, was recently cleared to play in the bowl game by the NCAA after being declared ineligible by the school.

Not to mention the one with Clemson’s Sammy Watkins.  The Orlanda Sentinel recently wrote that Jaylen Watkins and his brother, Sammy, a Clemson freshman, West Virginia’s Brodrick Jenkins and USF’s Spencer Boyd were listed as hosts on an ad for a Christmas party which the NCAA had to investigate.  Clemson recently cleared Sammy to play in the Orange Bowl.

So here South Carolina is once again dealing with the NCAA. What will happen?  Who knows with the NCAA. Clowney and Whitlock, if you follow NCAA precedent, should be able to play in the bowl game given what occurred in Clemson and Chapel Hill. 

One thing is for sure, this was bad timing and a dumb move by the players to agree to this even if it was a family friend beign the promoter.  Hopefully, both players will be cleared and this will not add to the mess USC is currently in with the NCAA, to which a final outcome is expected in February.

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