Super Regional Preview Part II: OU Batting

Tanner-dugout1-300x198South Carolina and Oklahoma are squaring off this weekend in NCAA Super Regional play. You read about the Sooner’s pitching and now let’s look at their hit squad.

Oklahoma’s leading batter is center fielder Max White.  Wuite played against South Carolina two years ago and was only 1 for 8 in 2 games.  He is batting .339 and leads the team with 55 RBIs and 17 doubles.  Matt Oberste is the DH and is batting .331.  He also has six home runs and is the only other regular player to be batting over .300.

Other batters to be aware of our second baseman Jack Mayfield.  He has 34 RBIs.  Right fielder Cody Reine has 33 RBIs and six home runs.  Riene played against South Carolina two years ago and was two for seven. There’s shortstop Caleb Bushyhead who’s known more for his name and his hitting statistics. Though he’s only batting .264 this season, but he was 3 of 8 against USC 2 years ago.

There’s some power and a lot of RBIs.  Overall the team has lots of average to above-average batters but not many spectacular ones.  The team’s batting .265 compared to South Carolina’s .271.  They run often but they’re often caught.  They have swiped 76 bases in 115 attempts and been caught 39 times.  By contrast they’ve only thrown out 19 of their opponents runners.

They used three line ups in Charlottesville, but here’s a probable line up for Saturday night:

 Pos         Name        Avg
CF M. White .339
SS C. Bushyhead .264
1B E. Mistich .265
DH M. Oberste .331
RF C. Reine .267
2B J. Mayfield .281
3B G. Carey .214
LF E. Ross .270
C T. Toal .193