Gamecocks Recruiting: Losing Brandon Golson?

The USC Gamecocks seem to be on the verge of losing outside linebacker Brandon Golson due to admission issues.  Not NCAA related issues, as he is “qualified” based on their standards, but due to stricter standards set by USC Admissions he is a non-qualifer.

You will recall Golson prepped at Calhoun County and signed with USC in 2010. He did not qualify and attended Fork Union Prep, VA this past semester.  He was suppose to enroll at USC at the mid-term and start classes next week. 

He has visited Louisville and will visit Miami on Friday.  No offical word yet on if this is truly playing out as described but this seems likely that he will not be a Gamecock.  Sucks too as he had raw talent with huge upside.

Is this deja vu of the Eric Norwood situation?
UPDATE (1/10/11) – Golson Headed to Louisville

Hate it for USC to lose Golson due to grade issues with USC Admissions.  Keep in mind, he qualified according to NCAA standards but it seems USC is a little tougher on academics.  Golson was not good enough for USC Admissions.  So he is packing his bags and taking his game to Charlie Strong’s defense. 

I hope USC AD Eric Hyman is working to change the admissions process.  I know…I know…but if a kid can get into Louisville and not USC….something needs to be adjusted in my view.

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