That’s a Wrap

As everyone reading this website already knows, Carolina’s baseball season is over, and it ended much sooner than anyone expected.  Despite the expectations of the program it was a good season, just not up to the normal standard the previous classes had set.

It’s hard not to be disappointed in the way the season ended.  After talk of a national seed after the Vanderbilt weekend, the rest of the season was a disaster.  Hoover was Hoover, but it was an especially bad showing this season.

The only thing that matters in tournament play is who advances.  For the first time in a long time, it wasn’t Carolina.  Montgomery and Crowe pitched great, and there were a lot great efforts from many players, but the lack of timely hitting killed this team again.

It’s easy to play ‘what if’ and go back to Saturday night.  If that last double play ball is a little to the right or left and the game gets tied, does USC win?  If that happens and Wil Crowe is pitching on Sunday night against the fourth or fifth starter for Maryland or Campbell, is there any doubt USC is headed to Charlottesville?

In the last few seasons those kinds of breaks have more often than not come the Gamecocks’ way.  This is the other side of the coin; this is how the other half lives.

And despite the disappointment, it’s tough to be all that down.  Sure the season is over, and we’re going to say goodbye to several players who were wonderful or three, four or five years, but the program is still in great shape.  Holbrook isn’t going anywhere; neither is Jerry Meyers.

There will be a less experienced, but talented group back next year.  Few will have been to Omaha, and all should have the drive to get there.  There will be another team on the field that will be amongst the best in the nation.  If the breaks go their way, there could be a trip to Nebraska in June; if not, well, then sometimes you lose your own regional.