Time To Get Excited

There are few things better than night games at Carolina Stadium.  Few college baseball venues can match the beauty and size of The Ray, and even fewer can replicate that atmosphere.  And during the NCAA tournament, everything is a bit more intense.

When Jordan Montgomery takes the mound tonight, it should be in front of a frenzied crowd looking for home NCAA tournament win #28.  And this could be Montgomery’s last game in Columbia.  It could be lots of players’ last games.  It seems like many of them just got to Columbia, especially those who are only in their third year.

I’m looking forward to watching some players for the last time before they move on to the minors, and hopefully the minors.

I’m looking forward to the loud, involved crowd and the affect the noise has on the game.

I’m looking forward to an almost healthy line up to see just how good this offense can be.

I’m looking forward to Montgomery pitching 1-2-3 innings and the bullpen shutting things down.

I’m looking forward to a home regional without those uncouth heathens from Pickens.

I’m looking forward to the fun of scoreboard watching to see if the Supers could come to Columbia.

I’m looking forward to the fun of tournament baseball and watching teams get eliminated.

I’m looking forward to winning.