Half Full: Reasons to Feel Good

Yesterday, we took the pessimists view and shared our fears for how Saturday could go horribly wrong.  Today, we are trying to be the rare optimistic Gamecock fan and give you reasons to feel warm and fuzzy about Florida. Florida's Injuries This has been the dominant story line of the week and of the Florida […]

Half Empty: Reasons to Worry about Florida

Optimism is running high in Columbia and desperation rampant in Gainesville.  That all may change in three hours Saturday night.  The Gators could very well win this game.  Here's how: Gamecock Overconfidence The talk all week in Columbia has been solely focused on how big South Carolina is going to win.  Match-ups and analysis have […]

Florida week

It's Florida week, and as long as Steve Spurrier is the coach of the Gamecocks there are going to be questions about his days in Gainesville.  Rather than delve into that, let's look at where the programs stand now. Gone are the days where the Florida game was a sure loss.  Gone are the days […]

The Gamecock Roadmap to Atlanta

On Thursday morning LJ was with Tyler Ryan on the WACH Fox morning show talking about the various tiebreaker scenarios if you didn’t see it live, here it is.     Posted with Blogsy

Half Full: Reasons to Relax

Yesterday, we talked about reasons to worry.  Today we take a more optimistic look at the game and talk about reasons to relax. It's Mississippi State At the end of any analysis, they're still Mississippi State, and we're still South Carolina.  Are they capable of winning, of course, but it would be an upset.  South […]

Half Empty: Reasons to Worry

South Carolina's 2OT win over Missouri has energized the fanbase and been the talk of college football.  In fact coverage of last week's win has dwarfed talk of this week's opponent.  That may prove to be a mistake.  Not to go all Debbie Downer on you, but here are reasons for concern or pessimism and […]

Two to Three Weeks

Two to three weeks.  It was going to be two to three weeks.  Connor Shaw was injured, and he was going to be unable to play for two to three weeks.  And it was good news.  Hours earlier Shaw was lying on the field of Neyland Stadium, and it looked like his career was over. […]

Gamecocks beat Missouri

South Carolina won in overtime for the first time in school history.  Connor Shaw appears to be trying to prove that he is the toughest person to ever play at Carolina.  It was a great comeback that put the Gamecocks in the running to win the East and make their second trip to Columbia.  We'll […]

Half Full: Reasons for Optimism

After a loss like Tennessee the fanbase is understandably down on the team’s prospects. And by a loss like that, I don’t necessarily mean to an inferior team, I mean a close game in which the Gamecocks made so many mistakes. Despite the bad performance, Vegas seems optimistic about Carolina’s chances. It was reported that […]

Clowneywatch: Monday

It's Monday morning and ESPN hasn't made anymore baseless and incorrect allegations about South Carolina's defensive end.  On their Gameday show, the hosts stated Clowney did not ride on the team bus to Arkansas, and then they debated just how much of a prima donna he is for not riding.  Who knows what you can […]

South Carolina 52 Arkansas 7

There's a nice feeling of contentedness that follows a game like Saturday.  There aren't big concerns that can cause apprehension when looking forward.  There wasn't a fourth quarter comeback to sweat out.  After the opening drive all of Carolina's problems were solved, if only for the day. For the day, Carolina's offense lived up to […]